Which is brighter, LED lights or traditional neon strips?

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Which is brighter, LED lights or traditional neon strips?

LED lights are brighter than traditional neon lights. Not only that, LED lights are bright enough and save more power than neon lights. Of course, both LED lights and traditional neon lights can meet the needs of users in terms of brightness, which can be noticed from a distance. Neon signs are a very effective way of marketing your business. For example, neon tequila signs are often used in bar scenes and can be installed both indoors and outdoors. When neon tequila signs are installed outdoors, they are eye-catching and can be noticed from a distance. Not only that, if the neon lights are used indoors, our LED neon lights can also adjust the brightness in multiple gears to meet the needs of different users for the brightness of neon lights. Neon lights like sweet dreams pink neon sign and create your own reality neon sign are more suitable to be installed indoors to enhance the indoor atmosphere. For such indoor neon lights, we will be equipped with a brightness adjuster, so that buyers can adjust according to their actual needs. Brightness needs to be adjusted. Therefore, LED neon signs are very versatile, and when we place an order at impeyanlife, we will give consumers a reasonable price. As the head wholesaler and source manufacturer of neon signs, our price is sufficient. Competitive advantage, of course , while the price is reasonable, we will also guarantee the quality of the product and customize it according to your specific needs.


Can LED lights be neon lights?

absolutely okay! We can make LED lights to imitate the look of neon lights. For business owners who have a limited budget and need a neon look, LED neon lights are undoubtedly a very good choice because it is cost-effective enough. So for business owners with limited budgets, LED neon lights can be a priority.


How much does it cost for a business owner to customize a neon sign?

We belong to the source manufacturer of neon signs, so all the production of neon signs are handmade by us, and we do not and do not need to outsource. So you can see that the price of neon lights on our impeyanlife website is not too high because there is no middleman to make the difference. Like happily ever after neon sign rental, there are more characters and a larger area of ​​neon signs. We will customize and make them by hand while ensuring the quality. Our team has a professional neon sign designer. Previously, the designer did lighting design in a well-known domestic company, so he has rich design experience. Buying neon signs in our impeyanlife, we can provide you with satisfactory design services without additional TOLL. Then, we will provide you with a reasonable quotation according to the size and complexity of the neon design. For example, the moose neon sign is a neon sign of the pattern type. A neon sign of this type requires multiple light tubes and light strips, so there will be many details on the pattern that will be slightly more complicated. On the other hand, this type of neon sign Some details of the light strip of the logo need to be folded, which means that the size of this neon sign will not be too small. If the size is too small, the neon light strip will not be able to be folded and bent, and it will be excessively bent. It will damage the light strip, which is why you need to make an actual quotation based on the design requirements you provide. But you don’t have to worry, our technology is enough to meet your requirements, even if the design requirements you provide will be more complex, it is not a big problem for us.

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