Why do you need to choose neon lights for commercial spaces?

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When it comes to setting up a business or corporate space, you can’t go wrong with a neon sign. Illuminated signs have been used for centuries in everything from fashion boutiques to lawyers’ offices to corner cafes. Today’s new LED neon lights are more economical, durable, and brighter than traditional lighting, not only providing good lighting, but also more personalized, and suitable for all commercial purposes.

1- Let guests know you are open

Compared with traditional paper signs, neon lights will be more eye-catching, they can attract passers-by to pay attention to your store, and they can have the greatest attraction effect at night. These are usually made with neon tubes because they display well on the front door or window. LED lights are generally favored by various businesses and companies for their lower electricity costs and super bright light, as well as amazing efficiency and ease of use. Custom neon signs are widely used in traditional stores, especially in stores and restaurants. A good neon design can bring excess traffic to the company and increase turnover.

Catering stores can choose food neon signs as signs at the entrance of the store, such as french fries neon, burger neon, etc. Also, consider a simple “OPEN” neon sign or a 24-hour sign.

2- Attract more attention and traffic

Not only do neon signs let shoppers know you’re open, but they also attract consumers’ attention. The low cost and light weight of these wall mounts make it easier than ever to customize the layout of your store or other commercial business for maximum effect.

In-store decoration, custom neon lights are undoubtedly the easiest to use, as long as there are sockets and wall hangings nearby. For people who have never used neon lights, Impeyanlife provides an easy installation tool, which can easily install neon lights just by following the tutorial.

For a clothing store, neon signs of clothing on the wall can draw the focus to different product categories. There are also cafes outside the first time, with signs of coffee or creamy desserts on the walls, people will naturally be attracted by the bright lights. Adding personalized fonts and interesting text will make the effect even better.

3- Create the right atmosphere for the store

Most stores have their own unique style, and many have different themes, such as different theme colors or styles. Even if your store already has a certain amount of traffic, consumers have not found the atmosphere they want to shop in, and neon lights can just create an atmosphere for the store. Consumer spending depends largely on the mood at the time. If a store has a good atmosphere, it can better guide consumers to spend in your store.

Now many luxury stores will hang a lot of lights to decorate the store. They even hire professional designers at high prices to create the atmosphere. The least of their stores are neon lights. Big brands like LV, Gucci, Chanel, etc., will hang neon lights on the walls of luxury goods, such as women’s fashion bags or shoes and other patterns, to highlight the classic styles or high-priced styles in the store, which is easy to attract consumers to spend.

4- Use neon signs to display discounts and offers

Most stores still use cardboard to promote discount products, but newer stores have long used discount neon signs. Just imagine, when you’re shopping at Walmart, among the dazzling array of discount items, a bright neon discount sign is more attractive than the traditional paper version.

Impeyanlife once took an order for neon lights from a supermarket owner. He asked us to customize 5 neon lights that show discounts and hung them on the products he needed to promote. Finally, he contacted us and said that since he put up the customized neon lights, he needed The promoted products to have more sales than before, while the products with discounts displayed on the cardboard have declined in sales. Obviously neon lights can effectively guide customers to buy your products

5- New neon lights are more environmentally friendly than traditional

Did you know that LED neon lights are 70% more efficient than traditional neon lights that use glass tubes and inert gases? Long-lasting style and low power consumption help you elevate your commercial space to be eco-friendly and environmentally conscious. These glowing wall art can be part of your overall brand mission and focus.

Impeyanlife has picked out a variety of neon signs for your commercial space, creating the perfect look and feel for your company or business. It doesn’t matter whether you run a shop, restaurant, bar, or business company, you can find the neon lights that suit you on our website. We have custom neon styles as well as a selection of neon assortments specially selected for the business.

Customized neon lights bring endless possibilities for your business, can attract attention, and even increase excess sales, come and try it.

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