Personalized LED Neon Lights for Bars and Bistros

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Lighting can be said to be one of the most important elements in bars, clubs, or bistros. Good lighting effects can give the environment a unique atmosphere and attract more customers. It can be said that neon lights are the best bar decoration. From upscale bars and bistros to nearby bars, you’ll find neon signs adorning, advertising, and lighting up spaces. Many pubs now use traditional old-fashioned neon lights, their high cost and destructive power making them out of reach for some owners. Fortunately, modern neon products are made of PVC pipes, which are brighter, save electricity, and cost less than traditional neon lights. Let the bar neon lights play the beauty and atmosphere of neon lights at a lower cost and more efficiently.

1- Entrance and exit neon signboards

White and red neon lights are more classic and conspicuous, and they are perfect as entrance and exit signs. The “OPEN” sign lets passers-by visitors discover your store and know you’re open. This is one of the must-have signs in every bar, club, and bistro, and even if you clearly put a paper sign on the door, the effect is never as good as neon.
You can also put beer neon signs and soft drink neon signs at the door to let passersby know about your store. You can even put up snacks and Fries neon signs, and Burger neon signs to attract passers-by into your store.
A simple neon sign can sometimes bring you unexpected effects. Studies have found that placing neon signs at the entrance of the store will generate about 37% more traffic than those not placed, which is far beyond the cost value of a neon sign itself.
Impeyanlife offers custom solution options that can transform your bar interior into a stylish place where everyone knows what they can get. Consider moods ranging from menu items to red, blue, yellow, pink, green, and white hanging on the wall.

2-Bar Neon Lights

Choosing a color scheme of neon lights can give your taverna a different vibe. You can choose to hang the sign of the signature drink or the name of the owner of the bar on the bar to highlight the character of the bar. Impeyanlife’s neon sign customization provides you with a variety of options to choose from, 9 different colors – neon red, neon blue, neon orange, etc., as well as a variety of personalized font options.
You can also opt for traditional beer neon signs like Budweiser Neon, whiskey neon, or vodka neon sign. These neon lights provide lighting effects to make your bar more conspicuous and give customers a more unforgettable impression than ordinary lighting signs.

3- Neon sign for music stand or DJ booth

We have neon signs specially designed for music stations, or if you have a better sign, you can also upload a picture to us, we have professional designers to make it for you.
Just imagine how cool it would be to hang a neon saxophone or musical note neon sign on the wall behind the bandstand, not only to illuminate the band but also to enhance the live music atmosphere.
Without a doubt, custom LED wall art and aesthetic neon signs can improve the first impression and overall style of any gathering place. From a more practical standpoint, however, bar and club owners need affordable signage and decorations. It also helps to choose options with limited maintenance needs and a low chance of breakage. After all, when it comes to drinking and partying, the chances of possible harm increase.

If you own or operate a bar, pub, club, or bistro, then you will undoubtedly need to use the popularity of neon signs as marketing, which will bring you more traffic. Now you can save money, decorate more, and advertise effectively with long-lasting LED neon signs that fit your location. Bright colors, pre-made detailed graphics, and fully customizable text options provide everything you need to decorate your bar or bistro in style.

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